We are always looking for new and exciting ways to fundraise. So please let us know if you have any great ideas or anything that you can offer (for example raffle prizes, free venues, contacts with the media, celebrities, etc.).

If you have a group that would be willing to raise money for Imaan, that would be brilliant too!!! Our energy and finances are stretched. Maybe you and your friends would like to do a dinner fund raiser, or might like to host a donation brownie and fudge party? If you have excitement and want to help, Go For It!!!

We love hearing from you and would take any opportunity now with both hands... :D. Let us know and Thank You!!

Past Fund-raising Events:

A big thank you to everybody who have supported us in our efforts to ensure a brighter future for Imaan.

  • Ezura Ghazali and Roberta Bernardi ran the 10k Mo Run at Greenwich Park, London in aid of Imaan's Son-Rise programme at 10:00am on the 13th of November, 2010. Together they raised around £1800. An amazing effort - far exceeded our expectations.
    Roby and Eju with their Mos
  • On Wednesday 20th Oct 2010, the Malaysian Coventry Society under the leadership of Hayati Ismail has booked the kitchen of UoW prayer hall for Help Imaan to Talk Fund charity drive: about £184 has been raised! We are so grateful. Thank you very much. You are a star!
  • Mohd Faizam provided transportation to UoW students to go to car-boot sale on Sunday 17th Oct 2010: He raised £55! Thank you ever so much Faizam. Big thank you and appreciation to those who have donated.
    • Imaan's aunt, Ezura (Eju) ran the 10k Wimbledon Audi Race raised at least £150. We had a fantastic time.  Eju finished with her personal best time! Well done Eju and we are extremely proud of you. Big appreciation and love to those who kindly sponsored her.

    • Hayati, Faizam and their children, Satilawati and Adam Sariman raises £285+ to help Imaan. Many thanks to everyone who kindly supported them. We are deeply touched.


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