Friday, 25 October 2013

Dr. Bradstreet on GcMAF shots for Autism

Some personal notes (not to be used as medical / professional advise please. These notes are for me and they may also change in the future):

  • GcMAF- 0.15/week max for autism. But according to Kerri, 2 shots per week at 0.13 for kids and adults on 0.25 every 5-7 days
  • Nagalase test -  Bio lab, cost around 145 GBP and results take 6 weeks
  • Inject upper arm in the muscle
  • A healthy nagalase level in an adult is considered to be around 0.6
  • GcMAF book is an informative read, although aimed at cancer, it is just as relevant for viral infections
  • Childrens nagalase levels are generally a little higher than adults as their immune systems are developing and they will get more viruses etc, but anything over 0.9 means the immune system is under stress.
  • With autism, it helps in around 85% of cases, to varying degrees. Negative reactions can be due to too high a dose, the flaring of dormant infections and other things. 
  • It is very important to start at low doses, very low. Initial doses can be 0.01 on the insulin needle. The reason for low doses initially is that there is the potential for viruses to be in the blood brain barrier in autism, and when the immune system starts recognising viruses and fighting against them there is an inflammatory response. This is generally a good sign and shows the immune system is being awakened. BUT, if there is an inflammation in the BBB, this has the potential to cause seizures. I understand that this was the case in the early days of Bradstreet treating nagalase with gcmaf, so he quickly reduced the dose. Every child is different, some see gains with quick increases of dosing, others lose these gains. Hopefully, parents will be able to offer advise
  • "5 years old - my son, that is. keep in mind that (I just found out) that the gcmaf from bradstreet is slightly more dilute than the stuff you just got from europe. it's about 3/4 dilute -- so you could even start lower. Dr B started us at .05 units on the syringe. Each week we went up by .01 units. Once we got to .1, he had us go up by .02, stay at that dose for 2 weeks and then increase again by .02. We went up to .16 and dropped down to .14 due to irritability. Just got urine labs back and we are having a clostridia flare so that could be the source of the irritability. not sure if you would want to do the same for yours... but that's what we did." (T.H. GcMAF FB Group, March 2013)
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