Thursday, 29 August 2013

Kalcker's PP: NEEM

Muscle tested neem yesterday - he needed 10 capsules. Can't be, this is way way too many caps. I ignored the result, gave him 1 capsule as per protocol. Muscle tested in the morning today - he needed 10. Puzzled - so I ignored the result again - gave 2 caps.

He was hyper, crashing on the floor, verbal isming, making sounds from his throat - the usual stuff when he has die offs.

For the evening dosage of neem, I muscle tested again and he needed 9 caps this time. What the heck.. ! I gave him the 9. Crashing stopped, he became much calmer, much more connected, speech increased... What the fish! I tell ya! Muscle testing ROCKS!

To quote my homeopath Angelica - "Muscle testing result trumps all protocol"
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