Thursday, 22 August 2013

CDS update

We upped the CDS to 17.5ml yesterday. Imaan is doing much better, much calmer. Purging worms! I still could not believe that he is infested by these nasties. Worms infested children should be small and weak - Imaan is tall for his age and strong.

Also, his grandpa who is a medical doctor and also a pathologist, had analysed Imaan's stool. According to the lab results, there were no evidence of worms and his stool was perfectly ok in terms of its flora and fauna. In another word, healthy stool.

BUT he is purging worms now, how weird is that.  

Today is the 4th day of his 1st Kalcker's parasite protocol.

Love you Kerri Rivera, Love you Andreas Kalcker! And most importantly, Alhamdulillah.. Thank you God.

p/s: Today we increased again to 20ml (muscle tested). Learnt that 1ml of CDS is equivalent to about 60% of a drop of CD. Hmmm... that means Imaan's max mls of CDS is about 27mls. Emailed Kerri, she said not to stop PP and try ramping mls is we can. So we are doing that. A bit nauseated and has vomited what looked like a weird phlegm (hard, not easily be separated) after his evening 'E', otherwise he is fine and calm today.
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