Monday, 5 August 2013

A Chat with Kerri Rivera

Just had a great wonderful chat with Kerri Rivera over Skype. I feel much lighter :)

She clarified a lot of things which we were concerned about - about Imaan's behaviour issues and other things like the dosage, parasite protocol and weird things we find in his poo following the CDS dosage. She clarified that the small red thread like substances most likely to be ascaris eggs and that the long translucent thing in the poo today is most likely ascaris. So we are getting result even without starting the parasite protocol.

However, following her suggestion, we intend to gradually reduce the amount of CDS (now he is on 16ml) to get the sweet spot where Imaan still exhibit all improved eye contact, spontaneous speech, detailed drawings, clarity of mind and connections but without the tantrums.

We also asked about discolouration of the teeth, and glad to know that we are on the right track with the Ocean water of 30ml per day. We only wish that it was cheaper. Cannot imagine why the sea water is so costly when most of the earth surface is actually sea water.

We also discussed other things as well including homeopathy, chelation and used of allopathic medicines. The stories she told of other kids who have recovered using CD were really motivating.

This little chat really reassured us. I feel lighter, so so much lighter! Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Thanks ever so much Kerri. God bless you!

For more information about Kerri, visit

Listen to Kerri talking about CD or MMS as it is more popularly known as.

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