Saturday, 27 July 2013

Playing Chemist: Our 1st brew of CDS

This is our glass jar and the reactor vessel. Perfect for CDS brewing!

I absolutely love my jar. Got it off ebay. I had spent weeks looking for it. It needs to be with a plastic lid, wide mouth and I wanted my jar to be glass - no plastic.

This one ticks all requirements, double-extra wide mouth, clear thick durable glass, plastic and air tight lid, and with a capacity of more than 2 litres. Perfect for our reactor vessel - the Anchor Hocking mini trifle bowl recommended by Kerri Rivera in her book. Got the trifle bowl off Amazon UK.

2.5 litres wide mouth glass jar with screw top plastic lid and Anchor Hocking mini trifle bowl

Kerri's must have book

We brewed our 1st CDS yesterday at 11pm. I was really worried as the mixture's colour seems a bit off. Murky, not golden amber clear colour kind like other's.

Left it to brew for 13 hours.. and Alhamdulillah, it turned out to be ok - 3000 parts per million (ppm).

100 means 3000 ppm - this is what that matters!

Now, we have a litre of CDS - homemade, full of hope. Yumm!

As you can see, the colour of the content in my reactor vessel looks very weird. I suppose our ingredients were not that pure to start with. Our citric acid activator was the dry kind that we have to mix with water. I guess since we used filtered water not distilled or reverse osmosis, the water has impurities. I will make sure that we use distilled water for mixing the next time or get HCl instead.

No wonder Imaan went bonkers with just 2-3 drops of CD which made us switch to CDS in the first place. The beauty of CDS, to quote Kerri -
"Even if you don`t have high quality CD or buy it form someone reputable. You can still be assured that the CDS is clean. Since none of the original material is in it."

BTW, found out that there are two online stores in the UK selling the relevant strengths of HCl, suitable for CD/CDS purposes - HCl 5% and HCl 10%.

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