Sunday, 7 July 2013

CDS and Noah Birthday Bash

We started with CD (the citric acid activator version). Imaan went bonkers. He was herxing really bad. Got aggressive, defiant, irritable, saying NO! to almost everything at home and even worst at school where he bit his teacher. Increased to 3 drops, tried CD 'E', went down to 2 drops, finally 1 drops. More 'E's.. he was still really stressed. Saw lots of yeast in his stools. A lot, you wouldn't imagine. Then last 2 days, we stopped CD and switched to CDS instead. He is now really calm. Like night and day. School is amazed too. And he made a lot of progress. We are however decided to go really slow with CDS. Increasing in 1 or 0.5 ml - very slowly. He is only on 2 ml now, and I could see a bit of tiredness. Did CDS 'E' too, still see lots of yeasts.

Yesterday was Noah's birthday party. Although Imaan has his own special made GFCFSF cake, brownies and chocolates, he was getting way too much sugar and chocolates (which negates CD/CDS). I dosed him CDS more frequently, every 45 minutes or less. It went well without hiccups! Imaan was calm, sweet, following instructions, and more connected and loving with us. Although his nose did bleed quite bad. Apart from that, more drop dosing of his constitutional remedy Heloderma S., strep F and candida A nosodes throughout the day. I muscle tested each one each time.

I also continue his CEASE MMR Priorix clear. Very cautiously, I muscle tested that too.. He did not need 200c but 1M. I proceeded jumping to 1M potency (means leaving 200c), praying that this is not too much for his body - and it went extremely well I think. More positive comments from school.

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