Wednesday, 10 July 2013

15th day on CD/CDS and Tyrannosaurus Rex

Imaan is on 4.5ml of CDS in 9oz of water - dosing 1oz, 8 to 9 times per day. We have done more than 7 'E' on Imaan. Less yeasts poo now. Much calmer. Less asking for food. I think he is doing very well. Great report from school too.

I had a skype appointment with Angelica, our homeopath. The remedy Heloderma Suspectum is still indicated as his constitutional remedy. The other possible constitutional remedies are T-Rex (wth???) or Python. Also, still doing Priorix 1M CEASE clear - muscle tested every time.

I knowww.. Tyrannosaurus Rex... there is an actual homeopathic remedy made from T-Rex fossil... *faint*. I can't find the proving for this on the net though. I talked to Helios and they said it's an unproved remedy. Wonder what's next Imaan... Meteorites perhaps, or Aliens or certain soils from the Moon..

Thought Lachesis remedy was scary enough.

T-Rex in a bottle
Our bottled up T-REX!

.. When you are an autism mom, you face so many types of learning curves, for so many different things. Bring it on!.

Angelica notes:

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