Monday, 20 May 2013

Updates: ACC, Homeopathy, Humaworm, CEASE, Diet, Yasko, MMS (CD)...... Phewww.

Have not been blogging for quite sometime now. Been very busy physically, mentally and emotionally :).

Imaan now has had 50 rounds of AC chelation under his belt. Mostly with 5 mg of ALA. We have also done 10 weeks of the Humaworm protocol. In the homeopathic front, through muscle testing, both with January Slater and Helen Bowman, it was indicated that he needs the constitutional remedy of Heloderma Suspectum, nosode remedies of Strep Faecalis and Candida Ablican, and homeopathic Adrenal Cortex sarcode. Muscle testing also helps a lot in reducing my guess work. I feel that it is the most important tool in all these years of helping my son. We were able to reduce many supplements as well. I have attended classes for muscle testing twice (could save huge amount of $ to do this on your own)... but I still doubt my capability. Needs more practice I guess.  Sigh.

Imaan is going through what they call a 'stall phase' with ACC - a very long stall phase for him - God! How long should I wait? Have not seen much improvements. In fact we are seeing regressions perhaps due to flare ups of pathogens. They say that we have to wait and persevere and that AC chelation is the only way out, but I don't like regression. This is not healing regression. Healing regression is goooood, but I did not see much of that. My gut feeling knows that it is time to explore new intervention avenues. Also, I know that Imaan has other issues.

We did Yasko Nutrigenomic test last year. Found out about CBS+- mutation (apart from other mutations). Thus Imaan may not able to handle more Taurine supps because the CBS upregulation means excess level of Taurine in the body (need test to be sure tho). Moreover, he can't process ammonia that well, so the level may be high in the body causing problems like hyperness and aggressions. He has BHMT +/+ mutation as well. This has an effect on the cortisol level. He will have issues with sulphur based supplements or food as well. Now I know why he has problem with DMSA or when we try to increase the dose of ALA beyond 5mg. They are both sulphur based.

NAET, Yasko and Diet: Armed with this knowledge we did NAET treatments for ammonia, sulphites and cortisol. He started talking a lot and his connection went over the roof that evening. It was wonderful to witness - amazing and I am very thankful to understand more about his body physiology. We also realise that the SCD and GAPS diets won't suit Imaan as too much protein will cause ammonia  build up in the body. No wonder he did not improve much under SCD. We changed Imaan's diet to GFCFSF (gluten free casein free and soy free) for now and reduced his protein intake. We have also purchased several RNAs from the holistic heal yasko website. We found that the RNAs helps, especially the nerve calm and bowel inflammatory ones. But they are way too expensive for us. We could not afford even doing the other tests under Yasko. So I decided to find other stuff to do. Things that are within our budget.

CEASE clears: We have done Polyantibiotic and Polyvaccines clears - did not see much. We also did Pediacel (DTP) clears until 200c. We stopped due to the try out of a new constitutional remedy (Heloderma). Now however, through muscle testing, Priorix (MMR) clear came up, not Pediacel. So we are not going to continue with Pediacel, instead we started Priorix clear last week. Tonight will be his second dose of Priorix 30c. This dose should be going on for 6 weeks (according to the muscle test result) before moving to 200c. I hope this will bring out some wow improvements. Seen little coughs and sniffles. His nose bled wee bit yesterday. Used to bleed from his nose a lot last year - could soak a medium sized towel. But it has stopped bleeding for quite sometime already. So I guess the one that we saw yesterday may be a healing aggravation (I really want to believe in this).

CD: I am really interested in CD (MMS/ Chlorine Dioxide). Quite controversial this one, due to the chlorine molecule in the solution. They say not to "bleach your kid out of autism" - well if you don't have a kid with autism, why are you representing them? Are you representing autism or the pharma giants who sell drugs and vaccines? In helping yourself via non-allopathic non-pharma treatments, everything is controversial or quacks...... Getting old already.... And I kind of like the quack box now. Loads of very interesting stuff in it:)

Been lurking on the MMS/CD forum and watching whatever you tube clips and videos on CD that I could get my hands on. To date there have been 92 autism recoveries under CD - last few weeks there was about 2 or 3 recoveries. I have never seen anything like this. Not from AC chelation, MB12, NAET, GAPS or even CEASE. The number of recoveries are super amazing under CD... Well, we are trying CD on ourselves now (my husband and I)..I am on 6 drops, my husband 10 drops (he started first). So we will see. Prolly Imaan will be next after his Priorix clears. Keeps our hope alive!...

p.s. Imaan is back from school now - received news that his nose bleeds again in the morning - with much clearer speech - something good is happening....

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