Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Rounds 42 and 43, CEASE and New Constitutional Remedy

Round 42: ALA 10mg and DMSA 3mg
Round 43: ALA 5mg and DMSA 3mg - doing CEASE at the same time (PEDIACEL), as such had reduced   ALA to 5mg to ease the detox process.

Just had a skype appointment with Angelica. Imaan's constitutional has changed from Lachesis to Heloderma Suspectum, a remedy made from the venom of the Gila Monster lizard. Oh boy!! Googling Gila Monster led to several pictures of the most horrendous looking lizards I have ever seen. I think I am going to have nightmare tonight. I absolutely despise all types and species of lizard. Honestly, I even felt pain in my chest looking at those pics. As though I was having a minor heart attack or something. According to Angelica, my symptoms may overlap loads with Imaan's, that's why I was having a very strong reactions. And the remedy may be useful for me as well. Great.

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