Saturday, 24 November 2012

NAET update November 2012

Today we went to see Helen for Imaan's NAET treatment. Did clears for chicken pox, parasites and pseudonomas bacteria.

Muscle tested his constitutional remedy and discovered that he needs a potency increase from 10M to 50M - my gut feeling was correct - should have trusted my instinct!.

50M for Lachesis is really strong and I am quite nervous! I could even see the surprise look on Helen's face. (By the way, Helen is a homeopath too apart from being a NAET practitioner)

He still needs the Candida Ablican nosode in 200c - no change in potency for this.

Imaan was really tired and emotional today. Cried during the treatment - so unlike him. He clears his throat a lot today and was biting his tongue as well - noticed that his tongue is inflamed. Muscle test suggests that the tongue inflammation is due to food. Found out that the culprit is the gluten free cake that he ate yesterday. Milk and whey tested strong (thought maybe the butter ingredient is the reason). Banana tested weak (it was a banana cake). But we can't do treatment for banana yet because the body did not allow it.

Also found out that the ear infections might be due to pseudomonas bacteria. Did clear for that too.
BM twice - both a bit off.

Was crying in the car as well. Asking for "Mama Eju house" in Kent. Slept early.

Still throat clearing. Hands and feet both were cold. However, he did not have a temperature.
Hope that all these are bringing more healing for my son.

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