Friday, 16 November 2012

Lach 10M, supplements, CEASE...

He was really hyper. Jumping. Crashing. Screaming. The taxi to school complained that he is distressing other kids with his screaming. They have to send other kids to school first and come back for Imaan. Good thinking! I think that would be very useful for Imaan.

Dosed him his constitutional in the morning before school (stirred in 1 ounce of water). Really hope this will help him.

Increased Thorne adrenal cortex 50mg to 2 caps today. Had just been giving him 1 cap everyday.

Other supps as usual today:
Ess 4
Asc Palmitate
Added Hydroxy b12 from yasko 1 drop  everyday for a week already.
Folapro half a tablet
Vit D 1 drop
Vit A 1 drop

Reading The Mercury Diaries book now (Oooh!! I could not put it down. Amazing! All muggles should read it!). Learnt that you need to increase adrenal cortex very gradually and plot your temperature three times a day.

Yesterday I have given him his combined homeopathy daily tonic remedy that Paula gave. The remedy includes adrenal cortex too. But this did not really work. His BM is very good though. Nice colour and well formed.

Also we started the 2 weeks clear of Polyantibioticum 30c CEASE remedy on Tues and today at bed time will be his next dose.

Update: Right after the Lach 10M, he was noticeably calmer. His dad was quite surprised. I am going to use those as a sign of relapse, a sign to redose. Now he is needing his const remedy much frequently. On average every other day. Gave 1M two days ago, because I was anxious on giving him too much of 10M doses in a week. Also because the muscle test has suggested only one 10M dose every two weeks, not more than that. Helen said that 10M should last for verryy long time. But not for imaan. He needs much more.

Happy and thankful that I learnt something important today, about his body. Bring it on!!

God please give him strength. You are a strong boy Imaan.

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