Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Round 27 done and ear infections

Another round completed with 15mg ALA (reduced dosage). He is doing much better. Seeing more connection and eye contacts. However, he kept on covering his ears.

The otoscope that I have purchased from Amazon arrived today. Took the opportunity to check his ears.
Both ears are highly inflammed. Doesn't look normal at all. Looks quite serious actually. Lots of wax, there's puss and dried blackish wax in the left ear. Fresh blood in his right ear. But he did not complain. In fact he seems quite happy although very sensory.

Wonder how many ear infections like this had gone unnoticed by us. My poor son. :(. I know that he has high threshold for pain. But these things saddened me.

I am seeking the GP opinion on wed. I just want to make sure that the drums are ok.

Update: The GP prescribed antibiotics spray for the ear and anti-inflammatory with steriod for the nose. URGHHH! not going to use them. Instead, we are going for homeopathy.

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