Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Supplements update - September 2012

We are using muscle tests to reduce the amount of supplements Imaan is taking
and here is the latest list.

Vitamins and Minerals
Essential 4 - 1 cap, 3 to 4 times a day
Essential Multi - 1 cap, 2 times a day
Klaire Lab Magnesium Glycinate -1 cap after dinnee
Klaire Lab Micellized Vit A - 1 drop every 2 days
Rx Vitamins Liqui-D3 - 1 drop (2000 i.u.) every day
Life Extension Ascorbyl Palmitate 500mg (Fat soluble Vit C) - 1 caps two to three times per day.
Life Extension Optizinc 30mg - 1 cap per day as needed especially during AC rounds
Crystal C (Vit C) - 1/2 tsp with every Almond milk given (he usually drinks 2 -3 times per day)
Thorne Vit K - 1 drop (1mg) every other day

Essential Oils
Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil - 1 cap per day after breakfast
NourishLife Speak - 2 caps at every meal
Organic Coconoil - 1 to 2 tbsp with each meal

Liver support
Jarrow Milk Thistle - 1 cap a day

Swanson Ultra Acetyl L-carnitine 500mg - 1 cap two to three times throughout the day especially during AC rounds.

Yeasts and bacteria control / Gut support / probiotic
CP1 probiotic - 2 to 3 caps per day at bedtime
Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) - 1 cap twice a day, after breakfast and after lunch
Now Foods Biotin 5g - 1 cap after every meal
Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) - 1 tsp per day

Methylation support
Liquid Dimethylglycine (Foodscience of Vermont Aangamik DMG) - 1 squirts after breakfast and 2 squirts after lunch.
Metagenics Actifolate- 2 tabs per day (divided doses) - given especially before MB12 and DMG
Revitapop MB12 lollipop - once a day

Amino Acids
Now Foods Taurine 500 mg - 1 cap after dinner
Now Foods L-lysine 500 mg- 1 cap after dinner (Usually in the evening)

Adrenal support
Thorne Research Adrenal Cortex 50mg - 1 cap two to three times per day especially during AC rounds.
Ashwagandha Ghana tablet (from Chaitanya Pharm) - 4 during AC round

Digestive support
Houston Enzymes TriEnza - 1 or 2 caps at every meal
Betaine HCL - 1 cap before every meal
Integrative Therapeutics Similase BV - 1 cap as needed

GHC Oxypowder - if constipated, minimum 2 caps
Nature's Way Activated Charcoal - 2 caps after AC round


  1. "Yeasts and bacteria control / Gut support / probiotic"

    Do you have other types of probiotics supplements that is dedicated for kids for 6-8 years old?

  2. Hi Christine, sorry for the late reply :(. Some parents use Klaire Detox Probiotic. I haven't and plan to in the future. The one with the most bacteria counts is VSL#3. But it has lactose and corn. Another good one on top of my head is Threelac.


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