Sunday, 20 May 2012

NAET Update May 2012

Today, Helen Bowman treated Imaan for 'fear+sugar', 'Spice 1 & 2' and 'parting' (emotion). This is the 2nd time we treated him for spice. The first one (which we did last year) didn't hold.

He was extremely weak for 'parting' emotion energy. According to NAET this is the emotion a baby feels during birth - parting from the womb. Does this mean he was not ready to be born? ...that he should have been in the womb for a longer time?

I have always had this unsettling feeling that Imaan was premature and the decision for elective c-sec was not at all wise. And that my gynaecologist at that time was wrong in assuming that Imaan was late and we were somehow persuaded to go ahead with elective c-sec. This is because Imaan was so light and thin when he was born, lighter than his sister. We did not have an idea when he was conceived and my period is quite irregular. The gestation period was based solely on the circumference of Imaan's head.

If this is true, Mama is really sorry Imaan for listening to the Doctor and for not doing any research whatsoever.

Also found out today,  that he is still weak for 'liver'. The liver energy has been treated (via NAET) a couple of times. Since we have started ACC, we must sort this out asap.

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