Tuesday, 8 May 2012

May 2012: Main Supplements

Vitamins and Minerals
Essential 4 (Vit C as L-ascorbic acid, Vit E, Magnesium Glycinate Chelate, Zinc Glycinate Chelate) - 3-4 times a day especially during ACC rounds.
Essential Multi + from Everything Spectrum
Famil E from Jarrow - 1 x perday
Vit K as MK-7 from Jarrow - 1 x perday
Vit C - Ascorbyl Palmitate (Fat Soluble form) from LEF - 2 caps per day especially on ACC rounds
Zinc Monomethionine (Optizinc from LEF) - 1-2 caps per day during ACC rounds
Fermented Cod Liver Oil + Butter Oil (Royal Blue Ice of Green Pastures) - 2 - 3 Gelcaps per day
Crystal C (powdered form) - taken with his homemade Almond Milk -1/4 of teaspoon, usually 2 -3 times day during ACC rounds.

For Adrenal health
Adrenal Cortex 50mg by Thorne 2-3 caps per day mostly during ACC cycle
Ashwaganda 1 - 2 tabs per day mostly on ACC cycle
Jatamansi 1 tab per day on ACC cycle

For Methylation
DMG 125 mg from NOW - 2 - 4 caps per day
COQMax from Xymogen - 2 Gelcaps per day
Revitatpops MB12 - Once per day or every other day
Folate as 5-MTFH from Thorne - 2 caps per day given with DMG

Digestive Enzymes
Trienza 2 caps during every meal
No Fenol (with Multi vits and GSE)

Liver and bile functions
Liver Life about 10 drops per day
Glycine from NOW 
Taurine from NOW

Yeast and Gut health
Candex - 2 caps perday
Sac Boulardii - Once in a while - 2 caps per day
Custom Probiotic (CP1) - 3caps perday
Culturelle - 2 caps perday at bedtime
Oregano oil - 4 drops once when needed
Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) - 1 tab per day when needed. Usually after ACC round

To mop toxins
Activated Charcoal

Homeopathic Constitutional Remedy - 1 pellet in water every other day at bedtime.

Thinking of starting Enhansa for yeast as well as Vitamin A protocol ... very soon. 

Imaan is taking capsules like a pro now. This makes our life 100 x easier. I am so proud of him.

His language is coming out really nicely and much more clearer now.

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