Monday, 28 May 2012

Joint statement from Pierre and Angelica regarding the use of homeopathy for children on the Autism Spectrum

Just to have this on a safe place where I can read it again and again.

What is important to us in solving our ASD cases is to use as many tools as possible within the realm of homeopathy while at the same time honoring the classical homeopathic healing principles as outlined by Samuel Hahnemann.
Fundamentally, we are grounded in classical homeopathy, which affords us several thousand individualized remedies to support the whole child/person. Add to this, different tools include CEASE, isopathy, the use of the sensation method, color charts, the use of 18 miasms, facial analysis, cell salts, as well as detox vaccine remedies and drainage remedies.
All of these methodologies and more are in our toolbox, and rather than limit ourselves to one method, we try to use them all intelligently based on how the individual child presents. This, without any doubts affords the best possible choice to find a good remedy.

For example, our experience shows that using a nosode like the strep nosode – is not simply based on the idea of fighting that disease solely with that specific disease in homeopathic form (this is an isopathic approach). Rather, successful healing still requires the concurrent use of a well-chosen constitutional remedy. It is a mistake to conclude that we use some remedies in a simplistic and limited isopathic manner. Relying only on isopathic principles without regard to the overall constitutional picture does not go far enough.
We fully understand that as parents you want / have to search for an effective therapy for your child. So, let's talk about healing for a second. Healing is not about fighting it is about restoring peace in our bodies, one crucial aspect to achieve that is to not use remedies in an allopathic way. Healing always happens in Peace and only Peace can bring the deepest understanding of the individual. Peace only happens with Love. This is where we wish to remain anchored or we'll slowly be losing ourselves in the whirlwind of constantly chasing symptoms.
The beauty of homeopathy is that it heals gently, and in totality. Evidently with ASD there are added difficulties and we are very well aware of them. We keep an open mind, trust that we are using as many tools as possible, within the limits of reason to recover children to their whole selves.
To further understand autism, we are creating the World Autism Forum. The Forum will foster dialogue within the most forward homeopathic thinking to more systematically reverse autism. A lot of work needs to be done and we are committed to it. 

Pierre Fontaine CCH and Angelica Lemke ND.

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