Friday, 25 May 2012

Homeopathy Update May 2012

Imaan has been taking his remedy in water every other day as per Dr. Angelica Lemke's instructions.

I have seen a lot of aggravations of his symptoms (or similar aggravations, as they call it). Sensitivity to noise, anxiety, yeasty behaviour, shrieking, throwing, aimless pacing, banging doors, verbal and visual stimming, hyper, diarrhoea alternating with greenish looking stools, etc.

Last Wednesday was the worst and that day happens to be his birthday. Poor Imaan :'(. He must be confused. Hang in there my son. Mama is working on helping you.

We had introduced classical homeopathy around the same time we had covered 6 ACC rounds. We had seen some nice improvements after each rounds of ACC. However, after Lachesis (Lach) the improvements is not so much or really subtle. Probably they are masked by the aggravations.

According to Angelica, Lach is a very good remedy for Imaan and it can work very deeply. Also Imaan has infections in the body that requires administration of certain nosodes. This is to clear stuff before Lach could work well. This concurs Schepper p.163 (see the book below). OK, I am thankful that we are moving forward. I must practice patience.

So yesterday, as per Angelica's instruction, I have ordered Streptococcinum and Clostridia nosodes from a pharmacy in Austria.

I am trying to read as many books on homeopathy as I can. Love Luc de Schepper book (see below) the most at the moment.

I am now eyeing for another book by Schepper titled "Hehnemann Revisited - A textbook of classical homeopathy for the professional". It costs a bomb!.

I am also doing an online homeopathy course for acute illness and first aid, although I am very very behind with the homework.

Tomorrow, we are going to my sister's place in Kent to celebrate Imaan's birthday and I am going to bake him a nice Banana Almond cake.


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