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Hering’s law of cure

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Dr.Hering, the “father” of American Homeopathy, discovered the law of cure. It indicates in which order symptoms should go away in case of true healing. This law works not only for homeopathic treatment but also for all other natural treatment options.

The law says that healing should go:

  • from a more important organ to a less important one
  • from within outwards
  • in the reverse order of the symptoms
  • from above downwards.

In reality it means the following. Often a patient comes to a homeopathy practitioner with a litany of complains. After the interview, the homeopath prescribes a remedy. What kind of bodily reaction does the homeopath expect? Is it possible that all the diseases which bothered a patient for years, sometimes for decades, will go away at once? That’s hard to believe, right? In fact, the symptoms will go away in a strict order. This order is predicted by Hering’s law.

Conception of suppression

At this point in the discussion it makes sense to note the concept of suppression. Suppression occurs when the treatment to remove a symptom is aggressive drugs. This treatment is not addressing the person as a whole. As a consequence, the disease often goes inside. In other words, the disease energy is still there and after a forced removal of symptoms, the disease process goes deeper inside the body (reversed Hering’s law).

For instance, a child gets eczema. Dermatologist always has in store a “highly effective” tool: adrenal cortical steroid cream. After some period of treatment the child’s skin condition trully gets better. There is no rash, no itching any more. But after a while that kid gets another disease. It can be frequent ear infections that child did not have before, or chronic constipation (when he does not have bowel motion for few days), or bronchial asthma (all histories from my real cases). The dermatologist is usually completely unaware of the effects of his intense treatment because parents do not consult him with these ensuing problems. There are all clear cases of suppression of the disease. Now, if the correct homeopathic treatment will be prescribed, the later developed disease should disappear first (asthma, ear infection, constipation) and the rash that was suppressed should return. This rash after lasting for a while will disappear under homeopathic treatment as well.

What is at the core of this article I’m sharing with you? The idea is very close to the words loved by my colleague and friend Rosana Domingues:

From an immortal power,
All things are connected
And so connected they are
That you can not touch a flower
Without disturbing a star

Francis Thompson

That means there is no way that only one organ is sick, for example, one’s skin! If there is a rash or pain somewhere, it affects the entire body and mind, because all things are connected!

Surgery as a common cause of suppression

A common causes of suppression is the surgical removal of tonsils, uterus, moles etc. I remember a case from my practice as an OB/GYN. It had to do with the surgical removal of the uterus due to a fibroid. The surgery was done in a very professional manner and postoperative period was unremarkable. But amazingly, her general condition after surgery was not better! She got hot flashes and mood swings due to surgical menopause. The problems that she used to have before surgery reappeared. The poor woman was in shock because she expected to get rid of her problems!

Another case that is fresh in my memory is the case of a twelve years old girl. Her parents brought her to my office for homeopathic treatment after tonsil removal. She used to have tonsillitis and pharyngitis often. After surgery, she began to have endless bronchitis and pneumonias that had to be treated with continual antibiotics. It should make sense that if there are no tonsils, there are no problems any more in that area. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Lymphoid tissue is a protective barrier on the germ’s way and its hypertrophy shows that the body is fighting against an infection. The removal of this protective barrier opens the flood gates to an inward infection. Every homeopath has seen dozens of suppression cases like that.

Holistic approach in practice

Sometimes a patient comes to me and asks me to treat her acne. She also has diabetes and bipolar disorder as well as being overweight, but the only thing she is really concerned about and wants me to treat is her acne. No way! Classical homeopath can only treat this patient as a whole, addressing all her diseases.
Accordingly on the follow-up consultation a homeopath inquires about the patient’s psychological condition, his general energy level and his sleep. We are on the right track if all of these characteristics are improving. At the same time the main (deepest) disease should be relieved and signs of elimination (excretion) should appear. Toxin elimination can occur in four different ways (from Dr. Narendra Metha book “Follow-up. Deep-seated diseases”):

  • Elimination through the stomach by vomiting or through bowels by stool motion. One of my patients, a five-year-old boy in an acute condition after taking a homeopathic remedy vomited once or twice. After that his fever disappeared and his condition quickly improved. He promptly and totally recovered.
  • Elimination through the respiratory system by coughing up phlegm, and experiencing a running nose and sneezing. I described a case of encopresis (stool incontinence) on my site. After taking the right homeopathic remedy the patient was able to control his bowel movement, but his throat infection with a cough, which was suppressed earlier by taking antibiotics, returned. He got a rather mild case of throat infection and I treated him with homeopathic remedies only.
  • Elimination through the kidneys by abundant urination.
  • Elimination through the skin by perspiration or rash. Very often a skin rash that was suppressed with hormonal cream returns for a while.

The course of the disease is very important. The homeopath and her patient should clearly understand what it is: healing or suppression. The founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann recommended every patient to read his main book “Organon of Medicine” because he wanted his patient to know what’s going on with the body during the treatment, taking into account that philosophy of homeopathy and conventional medicine essentially differs. Patients brought up in the tradition of conventional medicine think that the main goal of treatment is to fight against the symptoms. At first it can be difficult for them to realize what is good and what is bad in the course of natural treatment. It can be hard both for patients and physicians which graduated from conventional medical colleges. So the right education is invaluable for both: patients and physicians.

Together, we need to treat the underlying cause of the problem, not suppress the symptoms.

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