Thursday, 26 April 2012

First Consultation with Angelica Lemke, a Classical Homeopath

Yesterday was our first consultation with a famous classical homeopath from New York who is specialised in ASD and PANDAS. The consultation was done via Skype and lasted for 3 hours. I heard a lot of great stories from other parents about Angelica, so, let's see. She suggested a constitutional remedy for Imaan which is Lachesis 30c based on a thorough case taking that was quite emotional draining for me (I tried really hard not to cry- which I succeeded lol!).

I am encourage to take the same remedy but with different potency i.e. 200c. We are to order the remedy from Helios Pharmacy in London.

I am now doing an online homeopathy course with a different homeopath from the USA, Sheri Nakken. They say, knowledge is power ;-).


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