Friday, 27 April 2012

Bacterial / fungal / parasite differential: for personal reference

[Adapted from a document posted by Beth - Homeopathy Cafe]

Candida (Yeast)

Giggling; Night waking with laughter; Fogginess-brain fog; Silliness; Masturbation or playing with genitals; Spinning; After sugar or carb ingestion; flapping; toe walking (can be constipation too); pimples on bottom; white tongue; Nasal congesion/cough/ wheezing; Unhappy; Hard to please; Drunken or drugged behaviour; self injury with laughter; mania; yellow stool; looking for sensory input in feet/legs; pressing head against another person or object; thinking of something that makes him giggle; high pitched laughter.


Green stool; Anger/Aggression-self injurious; HPHPA on OAT urine test; Echolalia; Stuttering; Refusing to eat meat; Anxiety

Strep Pyrogenes              

OCD: sudden onset in some/chronic in others; Unusual fears; Ritualistic/tantrums if rituals are disturbed; throat tics; choreic movements; milk maid grip; ear infection; dry hacking cough; self talk; verbal stims; red ring on anus; loss of fine motor and maths skills; Pacing tremors; twitches in body when falling or waking from sleep; excessive thirst/urination; UTI; Joint pain; Severe Nightmares; Bedtime rituals and/or fears; Separation Anxiety; Age regression; bed wetting; teeth grinding; jaw clenching; choking sensation; food aversions


Anxiety; sensory seeking; Agression is more about sensory seeking vs. true anger; Crashing into people and things for sensory input; cough dark red phlegm; lethargy; shortness of breath.

Lyme/Borrelia, Bartonella            

Pain in occipital region of head; Painful muscle knots that wake him from sleep in upper back/neck region, Chronic fatigue, Joint Pain tremors/twitches in body during sleep Low tone, unable to sit in chairs, Night sweats, Severe Fatigue, Unexplained sweats/Night sweats, Rashes twitching of the face or other  muscles, Tremor or unexplained shaking, Diminished or absent reflexes, Confusion/Difficulty in thinking, Difficulty with concentration or reading,Decreased short term memory, Disorientation, Difficulty with speech (difficulty finding words, stammering, slurring), Mood swings, irritability, depression,   Disturbed sleep: too much, too little, early awakening, Dementia, anxiety, panic   attacks, OCD, Joint stiffness, pain or swelling,  Muscle pain or cramps, Back or neck stiffness or pain, Loss of muscle tone, Arthritis that migrates from joint to joint, Double or tunnel vision, Sensitivity to light (photophobia), Dizziness, poor balance, increased motion sickness, Irritable bladder or urine control problems, bowel incontinence.


Itchy bottom; teeth grinding; full moon symptoms; ravenous appetite; peeling lower lip; Dark eye circles; red dots on face; fecal smearing; constipation; dark around the eyes;  jaw clenching; rectal itching; bowel straining; Nail Biting; mouthing/playing with saliva; Insomnia/flapping; diarrhoea; Seizures; OCD; Anxiety over change.


Very boisterous; Sassy; Physically hyperactive; Restless; Unable to stick to one activity for long; Unable to sit one place to eat; Poking Right Ear; Sneezing with no cold or cough; ear infection limping.

Strep Facelis                

oppositional; difficulty concentrating; making noise; not looking direct; hyper; off the wall; talk can't be redirected.

Courtesy of Beth from Homeopathy Cafe


  1. Um these are alot of symptoms would seem to include anyone with a problem

  2. Hi there, yeah that's right. Imaan has most of the symptoms. confusing really.


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