Sunday, 9 October 2011

An ear scare

Imaan gave us a bad scare last Wednesday. I was at work when I called my wife. She sounded a bit worried and informed me that Imaan was bleeding a bit from inside his ear. She then called up our GP who asked her to take Imaan straight away to the A&E at Walsgrave Hospital. I simply put away all the nasty thoughts that swelled up in my head.

My wife picked me up from my office and we drove to the hospital. The nurse on duty saw Imaan, took down the details and the usual - temperature, heartbeat and weight. Fortunately Imaan was not having a fever. However, before we could see the doctor we had to wait and we were in for a really long wait. Imaan has an ulcer on his tongue as well and after a while started getting really cranky. We took him to the breast feeding room to calm him down and it worked. After waiting for about 2 hours, I left to pick up my daughter from school.

While waiting to see the doctor, I had logged into Facebook and Facebook places. My friend who's a doctor at the hospital happened to see my update and left a comment. I commented back, telling him about my son. He was off that day but while I was away picking up my daughter, he came along and had a look at Imaan who by then had gone to sleep. A doctor in training had come in before but apparently he had not been able to look inside Imaan's ear as he was afraid of hurting his ear. Fortunately my friend is a bit more experienced and he even showed my wife inside Imaan ear.

We were really relieved that it was nothing serious.There was a small scratch inside his ear which was no longer bleeding and a bit of swelling. A tiring day but relieved that it ended on a good note. Thanks a lot Dr. Bishwajeet.

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