Sunday, 18 September 2011

Please do not feel Sorry

Whenever we tell people that our son has autism, they give us a look of pity and say "I am so sorry!" I guess that's natural - most people see autism as a tragedy. I know they mean well and I admit, that's what comes naturally.

Please do not be sorry. My wife and I see this as a blessing in disguise. This has totally changed our whole lives for the better. Having a son with autism has totally changed out priorities in life.

In the beginning we were under denial, then went into a phase filled with depression until we pulled ourselves together (thanks to the Son-Rise Programme).

Researching about autism has lead us to many interesting places and we have learnt so many new things. We have also made a number of amazing friends. We were delighted when we found out that we can actually treat our son's autism - going against the advice of so many so called experts. In fact there were so many parents like us who had successfully treated autism and had lost their diagnosis.

We actually feel thankful.

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