Sunday, 7 August 2011

Progress and Goals: By Jack Goodall


A little lower on this outreach than before - let's be super excited to help Imaan be really consistent with his EC to start / continue an interaction since this will help him be so much more connected while interacting with us.


I'm so proud of Imaan's sentences !! In the space of a month, he's really grown. Let's help him with his clarity ---> either clear single words if he's having trouble saying all the sounds, or clearly communicating what he wants / doesn't want (vs. his stock of sentences e.g. "I want milk"). Also model "No" when he seems like he doesn't want something.


He's really stretching himself to interact longer. Let's continue to deeply join and wait for a big Green Light. LOVE his ism as it's our gateway into longer attention span and deeper connection. Don't be afraid to go back to joining if Imaan has clearly faded out of the interaction. Trust that he is doing the nest he can.


WOW ! He is becoming so flexible and willing to go with my ideas in games (after joining him a lot). Now let's focus on helping him play our games as well so take in fun ideas and try them out when we feel he's open to it.


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