Monday, 13 June 2011

Holly's Outreach: 13 June 2011

There are times when his eye-contact is dipping in games. Keep EC a focus - if you notice one day it's particularly low- have some fun game around it. Also - keep positioning for EC and presenting thing to Imaan from your eyes.

WOW - Listen to him - so much clearer and spontaneous sentence. "move your feet", "stop it", "let's go up". SO COOL!. When he asks for something, he often asks for - Banana - down - ride. He sticks to the one word, so lets work on this (when he's connected). Responding literally "you're are so right - we did go down". It's part lack of connection and part laziness. Lets get him going!. He's already moved on this in last two days. Very impressed with language. I understand most of what he says now! :-)

Attention Span.
His games are longer and more connected !! So fun.
At beginning of games, it's ALL about CONNECTION. Don't think about requesting until he is very connected. If his connection dips, then drop requesting and go back to just the connection and building motivation.

We can totally introduces games/objects from the shelf - but not until we have a green light. We can also build a physical game (ride/spin) and then introduce new object then. Have Fun! with props/toys on the shelf.

Keep it simple and easy.
 - He passes you fruit
 - He presses button
 - Use magic necklace

He is doing wonderfully. Remember that if he is quiet one day, more exclusive, looking less.... it doesn't mean he's regressing. If you notice something drop a bit from an early stage - it's totally cool - just work on it again for a little while. It's totally cool - he's always taking care of himself ad when he yo yo's he always bounces back higher !!

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