Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Exercise balls slashed

Imaan has a habit of throwing stuff over the fence into the neighbour's backyard. Every time he threw something over the fence, the neighbour would throw it back. The only time they complained was when he threw all our brushes out from the bathroom window into our neighbour's roof. I apologised profusely and explained that Imaan has autism. They said it was OK and I thought that they understood.

We have always had a good relationship with our neighbours and that's why we were really shocked with an incident that happened today. Imaan had taken out the two exercise balls from the playroom into the backyard and had thrown it into the neighbour's backyard. They had thrown it back and I guess Imaan thought it was a game. He was off school that day as we wanted to give him a rest after getting back from Scotland. So in the morning while we was busy in the kitchen, he quietly rolled out the balls and had apparently thrown it into the neighbour's backyard again.

In the afternoon I saw Imaan throwing stuff and I quickly went out to stop him and I noticed that the neighbour was on the other side of the fence saying "NO!". He complained that Imaan had been throwing stuff into their garden. I apologised and then I noticed a few pieces of rubber lying around. I don't know why but I thought the exercise balls had burst. I picked them up and while walking back into the house with the pieces, I suddenly realised that they had slashed by some sharp object.

I was shocked and angry and showed my wife the pieces of rubber. I was about to go to the neighbours house to confront them but something stopped me. I am not sure whether it was the right choice but we decided not to say or do anything.  They could have talked to us directly. But to slice the balls meant something - they were telling us that they were really angry and in fact, may be even threatening us.

We still can't understand why they did it but we are not going to let it affect us.

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