Friday, 24 June 2011

By Jack Goodall - 23 and 24 June 2011

Eye Contact.
Imaan's eye-contact is coming on beautifully! When he's connected and motivated in an interaction it is really spontaneous and consistent. If Imaan's EC drops, it is often a sign that he is less connected and so we want to stop requesting and go back to having lots of fun and getting his motivation up again. Always celebrate !

Make sure to consistently pass objects from our eyes. Pausing and gesturing to our eyes is also a really fun, indirect way of helping Imaan look at us.

Imaan is doing so well with his language ! His clarity is greatly improved and he's doing much less of the semi-exclusive asking for items (e.g. orange juice) that he was doing the last time I was here.

All language we hear, we want to celebrate and respond to it, before we even think about any requesting. Once Imaan has seen that he is going to get what he wants a couple of times, he trusts us enough to let us request from him.

He is capable of long sentences when he is motivated. Model the sentence in a rhythmic way several times and then excitedly pause. Huge celebration and response super fast when he gets the sentence. Once he has easily said a sentence 3 times in a row, make the sentence even longer, so we can really stretch him! If he goes back to using single words, then be playful (e.g. "Yes! We do have banana!") and persist in helping him say longer sentence. If his EC really drops then his connection has gone and we go back to celebrating and responding easily and start requesting again when his attention is back.

Attention Span.
Again => Huge Improvements here !
Imaan played for 30 minutes in a super connected game this afternoon !. Key techniques are: JOINING !! - The more Imaan is able to work his exclusivity out of his system, the more connected he can be. We want to join him as deeply and passionately as possible for as long as he needs us to. He then comes back super-connected! When we get a green light (EC, language, him turning towards us + starting to laugh!), we CELEBRATE and start being playful.
Remember, we give him the game for free until he really wants it (30 secs - 1 minute) and then start requesting. If we request too early, he tends to be put off the interaction and becomes exclusive again.

There are coming along really nicely -> always celebrate and respond to them. If we decide to work on them within a games, treat the request the same as language - wait until motivation is there, model the action and really celebrate Imaan's attempts.

Physical Participation.
Wow! So exciting to see Imaan doing this! It will really help his ability to play more sophisticated games and contribute more to the interaction (vs. us just entertaining him).

Again, only work on this when he's having lots of fun. Start with something simple and explain to Imaan what to do in a fun way. As any other request, once he is doing the action easily, then ask him to do more (see the falling down game for an example of how to do this).

Most importantly, when Imaan needs to take a break and ism, that is WONDERFUL! We can trust that he is looking after himself and maybe even processing something new he has learnt.

We want to really LOVE the ism. Don't just copy, but really enjoy the activity -> love it as much as Imaan does. It's going to help him feel so comfortable + connected with us. LET GO of our agenda and love Imaan for who he is right now, not focussing on who we want him to be.

Joining Imaan is our most powerful way of saying: "I love you for who you are."

Have Fun!

-Jack :-)

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