Sunday, 8 May 2011

Barbara Balla Outreach: 8/5/2011

Keep focusing on it: Lifting things up to your eyes, gesture to your eyes. Also know that it can go down while he is learning new skills.

He is so great using so many gestures :-). Pointing is going easily now, he started shaking his head, he can do 'up', 'round'. Wow, well done Imaan !!
Others you can help him with:
- come here, give it to me, yes (nodding), keep going with 'no' (shaking head)
I am so proud of him, how quickly he is picking them up.
When he is connected, model the gesture and pause to give him an opportunity to do it spontaneously.
Around the house, model the gestures every time there is an opportunity.

His language is growing, hooray !!!
When he is connected, he says the words so easily. The key is connection. Focus on connection and model the words, phrases and he will come out with more and more and his interaction is growing.

Attention Span
It was amazing to see that he asked for more thing from the shelf.
Also he was interested in more games that involved objects.
Very Exciting! :-) :-) :-)

Interacting Around Simple Shared Objects
This is a challenge so if he plays for a shorter periods but with objects, that is a wonderful start !
Be very excited about games with objects in them.
When you are playing physical games, pick an object you can incorporate in the game.
    - e.g., when giving him a ride -
              - blow the harmonica,
               - pushing hats off,
               - choosing with animal to be,
               - feeding you... etc.
First, make sure he is very motivated. Then start involving the object into the game.
When he is easily playing with the object - he is e.g., doing with the ride. You can start moving towards only playing with the object (keep having the same fun with it, without the ride).
Then make the playing with the object (without the ride) even more fun.

Asking for Help
 - i.e. asking for things from the shelf + involving you in his play (e.g., getting him papers, stickers.., helping him get up on something etc)
Make it very easy! If he looks at the shelf, get something for him, don't ask him for language or gesture.
Explain to him that you are here to help, you can get anything that he wants.
If he is playing agame, e.g., posting papers, but not involving you, though you can get him paper, don't ask him to tell you paper, rather make it fun when you are giving him paper. See what he will find interesting.

Making things easy and fun.

Well done Imaan! You are doing wonderfully!!

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