Monday, 11 April 2011

Son-rise Goals: by Holly Balls 11th of April 2011

I'm so proud of Imaan. He is moving so incredibly fast - imagine what he will be like with a team! :-)

He is so clever, he really thinks about things when we request. Good for him. He loves us being in the room.

1) Eye-Contact - Non-Verbal

He is looking at us so much. When he wants something from the shelf he nearly always looks at me to make sure I'm getting it.
I only worked on EC a couple of times when I noticed it dipped.
Keep focusing on it - for him to get his needs met - lets cement it!
Spontaneous gestures - he totally gets the pointing now which is awesome and he's starting to clap. Let's get him going on the shaking / nodding head.

2) Attention Span

WOW - This is flying!. The important things is not to judge or worry if he has a day or so where he is more exclusive. He is taking care of himself and he always comes back more playful than ever.
Continue to bring objects into the game. He is accepting them more and more.
If he gets visually distracted by the object - allow this. Join him for a while - then call him back to the game.

3) Language

I love his spontaneous sentences. He is awesome. He is getting clearer but still could be a little clearer. Let's really help him with his clarity, by not understanding, acting confused, asking him to repeat (however you want) and then extend his sentences to be clear!. I know he'll do this soon.

4) Flexibility

This is doing great too. Last time I was here he was being quite rigid around verbal requests, but he's totally going for this. He seemed much calmer around boundaries too.



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