Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Goals!: By Barbara Balla; 16 March 2011

WOW. Wonderfully amazing!!

He is blossoming, opening up and sharing himself with us more and more. What a jump he's made on his development. I am so proud of him.

a) Eye-Contact.
He looks so much more and more spontaneously.
When he is connected he looks a lot.
Make sure that he is connected and motivated for the game.
When you get really involved in the game, remind him to look at you. You can either tell him and ask him to look or gesture towards your eyes. His connection level is so much higher now, there is more room to pause in the game and give him a chance to look.
You can keep lifting things up to your eyes and gesture to your eyes while getting him things or when you are in the game.

b) Attention Span
Wow. Incredible. All these games were amazing. I love that he is opening up towards games that include an object, not just physical games.
His motivation and his connection in physical games are amazing now and this gives us room to teach him the other goals.
In physical games, first still make sure that he is connected and after playing the game for a while, introduce a gesture, ask him for eye-contact, or language.
Still have the main focus on having fun, and showing him that it is so easy and great to be with people.
Keep introducing games that involve an object and be very easy and have the main focus on showing him that it is easy and fun to play games with objects.
Here you can model gestures and language, but don't ask him strongly to do them. Only focus on the fun in playing with objects.

c) Language
Just keep modelling and celebrating. He is speaking more and more, how exciting! :-)
I love that he comes with whole sentences spontaneously.

d) Flexibility
He is great with this. Keep going with only setting boundaries when neccesary.

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