Saturday, 19 March 2011

Fun day today

Imaan had a brilliant day today. Apart from throwing toiletries from the bathroom onto the neighbour's roof and eating 4 chicken wings, he played a horsey game with me that lasted more than 30 minutes and various imitation games. Loads of eye contacts, words, gestures, connection and laughters. Though my back felt ready to snap under his 18kg weight, it was also REALLY, REALLY FUN! Really amazing Imaan. So proud of my son.

However, the school seems to think that Imaan is less connected and we belief that school environment is overstimulating for him.

We are also considering NAET treatment for Imaan and are reading a lot of materials pertaining to NAET these past few weeks. The nearest NAET practitioner is in Leicester, just about 40 minutes away. Despite the many scathing comments about NAET on the net, reading the book "Say Good-Bye to Allergy-Related Autism" by Devi S. Nambudripad, has somehow convinced me about the scientific reasons and facts behind the treatment. So let's see. We are quite excited about this :) xxx

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