Sunday, 6 February 2011

Son- Rise Goals: By Holly Balls, 5-6 February 2011


a) Interactive Attention Span

His games are definitely getting longer. Yeah!. He can get distracted in a game visually or if he hears something. Call him back to the game when he's ready, or incorporate it back him back into the game. You can pause for a long time with Imaan and often, when he's ready, he'll come back.

b) Different Ways of Building.

If you're building a game from a small green light, do gently, rhythmically and slowly. Build quietly.
If he's ready to go, looking at you and excited. Use your 3E's - HAVE FUN - laugh a lot - it's contagious as is excitement!.

c) Language.

Don't make language a main goal right now. Model and demonstrate words, but don't directly request. His eye contact and attention span are his main goals as I believe language will come a lot easier when he is more connected. His spontaneous language is growing anyway - which is awesome!.

d) I Want Banana / Big Bubbles / Milk

He often says this when he wants something else. Observe the situation. If you feel he wants something from the shelf but he doesn't know the words, then first offer him what he asked for - then offer the thing that you think might be and model the word or offer the game you were last playing.
If you're in a physical game or something is happening that he might want to stop, then give him what he asked for, then explain and model the word NO!

e) Eye-Contact.

Keep going, this is growing and it's so exciting to see.

f) Flexibility

Setting boundaries. He LOVES control, so don't set too many, just around safety and destroying property.

g) Give Control.

If he is isming and building a wall and he takes something of yours, then replace with something from the shelf.  If he keeps doing this or knocks down your wall, time for a really exciting imaginative wall. :-)

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