Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Son-rise Goals: 19 January 2011 (Barbara Balla)

a) Eye Contact
Goal: Focus on making eye-contact to get needs met
Keep focusing on Imaan looking at others when starting / continuing interaction
- Pause before you start the game or carry it on
- Lift your hands to your eyes
-When going to the shelf, pause a little and lift your hands to your eyes.
- Lift things to your eyes while giving them to him
- Celebrate (quietly or after the game if it is distracting) - watch for cues.

b) Verbal communication
- Model the words
- Celebrate him when talking
- Act confused when he is very unclear

c) Non-verbal communication
Goal: Helping Imaan to use more gestures
- Model the gestures in the games
  e.g., down, no, yes, come here, shake, swing, round....
- Explain to him how to do the gesture
- You can touch his hand when it is his turn to do the gesture

d) Attention span
Goal: Making 4 minutes or more - more solid.
- use tune from a song he knows or a rhythm when building
- Keep it predictable and rhythmical.
- Keep trying and go back to joining when he is not showing interest.
- Keep minimum talking while you are building a game - only use a couple of words with the rhythm or use songs.

Give him massages when you see that he is getting distracted or when he is pushing himself / his feet to you.
 - you can build it into a game - e.g., instead of tickle at the end of the song, you can do massages).

Focus on having FUN! and showing him that it is easy to be with people.

ONLY challenge him when he is very motivated and engaged in the game (still rather use indirect ways.).

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