Thursday, 6 January 2011

Happy New Year and 2010 update

Wishing all visitors to Journey with Imaan, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. It's been a while since we last updated this blog.

Life has been really hectic with both my wife and I busy with out PhD work while at the same time ensuring that Imaan's Son-Rise programme goes on as usual. We also try to make sure that our daughter is not being left out.

2010 was an amazing year. We finally got our Son-Rise play room ready and started our Son-Rise programme in earnest. Before that we ad been doing the lifestyle programme - meaning we tried to practise Son-Rise techniques with our son whenever we had time.

Imaan also started school this year. He got a Statement of special needs and we were able to get him into a mainstream school with a dedicated autism unit attached to the school. The school is fantastic and we are really thankful to the Coventry City Council for getting him into the unit.

2010 will always remain in our memory because it was also the year we started our fund raising programme. It all started when my wife attended a concert at the Warwick Arts Centre at the University of Warwick and while talking about our son and the huge financial costs involved, Kak Yati and her husband Faizam, suggested a way to get some funds. We started off with a charity sale at the University of Warwick campus. This got the ball rolling and we have had several events after that. Most notably when our sister Eju, our friends Roby, Linda and Rachel ran different races in London for Imaan. We had people from all around the World sponsoring Imaan and we don't have words to express our gratitude and feelings.

We have had several Son-Rise facilitators as well as volunteers come and play with Imaan, including Sarah, founder and director of Autism at Home; Helena, Jack and Holly. I have yet to post up the videos of the play room sessions of Imaan with Jack and Holly.

Imaan has come a long way. He is saying a lot more words now, eating a wider range of food, and is a lot more independent.

Today was Imaan's first day of school this year and according to the teachers, he had a great day and was singing songs with them. Can't believe that the beginning of this year, all the vocabulary he had were a couple of words which made sense only to us.

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