Sunday, 12 December 2010

GOALS! By Holly Balls, 12 December 2010

a) Eye contact

Goal: Looks at others to start / continue interaction

b) Verbal communication

Goals: Clear single words
- If really clear: add word e.g. verb (want, push etc)

c) Interactive attention span
Goal: 4 minutes or more
    -If in doubt – JOIN!
2) Only build on really strong green lights
    -Example of Green lights are:
        -Clear words
        -Words with looks
        -Taking your hand and moving you
        -Really long looks
3) Get him to physically participate
    -For example:
        -Touch buttons to get what you want
        -Roll ball in skittles
        -Rub board
        -Go and collect something from across the room

c) Flexibility

Allows peripheral variations to repetitious / rigid games

   -For example:
      -in bubble game – get puppets to blow bubbles,
                              - Get bubbles to land on our noses,
                              - Blow small baby bubbles.

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