Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Mercury link to Autism

Last month, the results of a new US government study (1) was released which says that thimerosal (commonly known in the US as thimerosal) - a mercury based preservative, used in many vaccines including the MMR vaccine, does not increase children's risk of autism.

We became aware of the debate on mercury link to autism after our son was diagnosed with ASD and we tried to find as much information as we could about Autism. During the course of our research, we came across several parents who strongly believe that autism in their children is linked to Mercury toxicity.

And of course, we came across the thimerosal controversy - which links vaccines containing the mercury-based preservative thimerosal and the development of autism and other brain development disorders.

It was British surgeon Andrew Wakefield who was responsible for one of the biggest medical controversies of our time after his report was published in the Lancet in 1998. His study which was based on 12 children referred to the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead for gastrointestinal problems. Dr. Wakefield and his co-authors (10 of whom subsequently retracted themselves from the findings) suggested a possible link between autism with the MMR vaccine.

Dr. Wakefield has since been discredited and the article retracted in early 2010 by the Lancet (2) on the basis that there were conflicts of interest and ethical misconduct. The ethical misconduct was that the children were NOT “consecutively referred” and that investigations were NOT “approved” by the local ethics committee.

However, the question is whether the findings of the study are valid as is still claimed by Dr. Wakefield.

Following this, several other studies pointed out a possible link between thimerosal in the vaccines with autism.

Of course there are other studies that don't mention 'thimerosal' but does indicate a link between mercury toxicity and autism. An article published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental health presents evidence that mercury contributes "to the maintenance, and possibly development, of ASD" (3).

Not surprisingly, Government departments, drug companies and several medical researchers brought out reports and results of studies like the one I mentioned earlier in this post, which claims that "vaccines are safe".

One such study was published in the journal, the Archives of General Psychiatry (4) and was widely reported in the mainstream media. The study found out that autism rates didn't go down even after after thimerosal was removed. However, some people like Mike Adams (5) contend that thimerosal was merely replaced by other toxic preservatives which had the same effect as thimerosal.

Talking with parents of autistic children we have realised that there are indeed several cases where children who were developing normally, suddenly regressed after taking the MMR shots. The Government can refuse all they want but the fact is that several families have been compensated. One family received £90,000 payout after 18 years fighting in the court (6). However, that is peanuts compared to what families in the US have been awarded. And according to a post on "the Autism blog" (7), the US Government has paid out nearly $2 billion to 2,472 claimants over the past 21 years.

It does make us wonder why the Governments are paying off the parents and at the same time claiming that the vaccines are safe.

Do watch the MMR conspiracy video as well.


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