Friday, 1 October 2010

ADHD and Ignorant comments

Following up on my previous post on a Genetic Link to ADHD. There is a huge debate on Fergus Walsh's blog post titled "The genetics of ADHD". I was reading the comments and I was appalled and in fact angry, at the level of ignorance.

Many people were calling the condition "bad behaviour" and blaming it on the parents.

Actually I don't blame these people for their ignorance because I was like them once. I guess I would probably still be like them had it not been for Imaan. He has totally changed my outlook on life and the way I see people. In fact he has changed our lives completely - for the better.

Previously, I used to get annoyed when I would see kids throwing a massive tantrum in the supermarkets - rolling on the floor and crying as if their lungs would burst. I would look at their flustered, helpless looking parents and shake my head - calling them bad parents who could not handle their kids. "If those were my kids..." I used to think.

Only parents of kids with autism and ADHD know what we are going through. We have to live through this everyday.

There were some commentators who were blaming the poor diet of the children. I agree that this is partly to blame but what do you do when the only food they will ever eat are the junk foods. Previously Imaan had an extremely limited diet consisting mainly of wheat products - biroche, parathas and biscuits. These were the only things he would eat everyday. he would refuse to eat anything else - forget about fruits or vegetables. It was only afterwards with our Son-rise training and implementation of a strict GFCF diet that he now enjoys what we consider "good food". Not many parents have had the opportunity, support or the training to do this.

People can just say " keep him of the junk food" but what do you do when the kid throws tantrums, goes to bed starving, without eating anything else and this goes on for several days? I think most parents would give in and slip in the junk food he craves. However, we had to stand up with all the crying, whining, head banging, and let him actually starve himself until he finally ate the food (without force) we had for him - weaning him off a little at a time.

Coming back to the issue of ignorant people, what really made me sad and worried was that a number of the commentators who thought that ADHD was simply "bad behaviour" and "bad parenting" were actually teachers. I am less concerned about the general public but these people are responsible for educating our children and are in direct contact with them. I hope the authorities concerned would so something to educate these so called "teachers" before they ruin the lives of our children.

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