Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fundraising at the University of Warwick Prayer Hall

We had another fund raising event at the University of Warwick Campus Prayer Hall supported by a lot of our Malaysian friends. This time we had on sale, a lot of donated items as well as delicious freshly cooked food prepared by our friends.

We started of the event around 12 pm by laying out a lot of donated items as well as some brand new scarves for sale along the corridor. Unfortunately the event was disrupted and we had to pack up the items around 2 pm. The main entrance to the prayer hall was closed up by the authorities as water from a leaked bathroom had flooded up the carpet near the entrance.

However, we were able to use the kitchen as it was not affected by the flooding and there was a brisk sale of delicious food right till around 6pm.

In the end, our friends raised £183.16 - an amazing amount of money considering the circumstances.

We would like to thank all the fabulous cooks - Kak Yatie and Faizam, Abang Fuad and Kak Shida (for the hot mee and kuay teow),  Shima (karipap) and Nida (kuih bakar).

Thanks to everyone who supported us in different ways including Siti Fuad, Mas/ Malik, Shazmin/ Afdzan, Shima/ Zaman, Min, Eju/ Muz and of course the great Kak Yatie/ Faizam. We couldn't have done it without you.

In the excitement, we forgot to take pictures of the event. However, the images and thoughts will remain in our hearts and minds forever. Thank you guys!

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