Monday, 13 September 2010

Words to date

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We made the point to really list down all the words Imaan knows and we are at awed. We should have been doing this every two weeks.

These are the words that Imaan understands (136) and speaks (91) to date. He picked up most of the words after we ran the Son-Rise programme in earnest and after he stopped going to the Enhanced Resource Nursery. We are extremely pleased but Imaan definitely need more intensive one-to-one work.

We are very worried because tomorrow he starts Reception at a school with an Enhanced Resource Provision for children with autism. We are still not sure whether we are making the right decision by sending him  to school when he is doing so well at home with the Son-Rise programme. We made this decision because the LEA has refused to fund Imaan's home-based Son-Rise programme.

We met Imaan's proposed key worker and the SENCO at the school recently, and they assured us that Imaan will be in good hands and the provisions will be tailored to Imaan's needs. We also have heard so many good things about the school and they seem genuinely want to help children with autism. And that is what makes the different.

We will continue with the son-rise programme part-time at home. Hopefully we will manage to get at least 20 hours per week of fun fun fun fun playroom sessions.

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  1. InsyaAllah, the school will be good for him. All the best!


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