Monday, 27 September 2010

Slight regress

Imaan caught a cold last weekend and he just recovered. We didn't give him any medicine other than the Vitamin  C supplements and Oxysilver. His teacher at school reports that he is settling in well. However, we are a bit concerned as he seems to be very lethargic and he seems to have slightly regressed - he has lesser eye contact and talking less as well.

This may be due to the recent cold and just because he is tired after all the activities and sensory stimulation in school but we are a bit worried. Hopefully he will improve.

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  1. dear Ika,
    my name is Edina, a friend of Kak Zarina. she introduced me to your page coz i guess we share the same challege- my son is autistic too. he'll be 3 come 4th november this year. i read briefly your website and i think i hv some slight idea about your son's condition, quite similar to my son's. i havent finished exploring your blog yet, i will but for the meantime i just want to say hi to you. i have a blog too but mine is actually a cupcake blog until recently when my son was diagnosed having ASD, i started writing about him on that blog tu.. so macam rojakla sekarang.. cupcake + autism.. :D

    here's the link:

    hope to be in touch with u and get to know more about the son-rise program and how i can help my son. i have so much to learn from u and hope we'll be in touch. take care and kisses to Imaan.



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