Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Loving the playroom

Twinkly Imaan

It's amazing and I never believed that it would happen this soon but my son loves his Son-Rise play room. Every morning after he has had his breakfast (and sometimes while he's having it), he will pull me into the playroom and ask me to lock the door and start playing.

Initially when we started out, he was hesitant to even go into the room and once in, he would ask to go out after a while. He would look for an excuse to get out - asking for milk, saying he wanted to "wee wee" or by throwing a tantrum. Over time, he has realised that this is a great room, a fun place where mummy and daddy lights up like a Christmas tree and the word "No!" is banned.

The improvement in eye contact is another amazing development. Sometimes he just looks at me unblinking and with such intensity as if he's trying to tell me telepathically what he wants. When he says something, he quickly looks away. I guess it's difficult for him to do these two things at the same time, something which is so natural for us.

Another change we have noticed recently is that he prefers to stay at home now and cries every time I tell him that we are going to the nursery. We found this quite strange because he loves going to the nursery and when I mention that "we have to go to school now", he would rush to get changed and wait downstairs impatiently near the door.

The nursery reported that he was still throwing stuff around and including some books as well today. We just thought that this was some bad behaviour problem and a way to get attention. However, he rarely does it at home and we now think that this is an "ism" or "stimming" to handle the sensory overload and overstimulation at the nursery. Plus all the excited attention he gets when people try to stop him does not help. The staff at the nursery have tried various strategies to deal with his throwing but I guess they have a reason to be worried as the stuff he throws can hit other children around him. We are really worried to think what would happen if he continues this when he starts school in September. We know where he is going to go to and right now we are waiting for his statement to come from the City Council.

Anyway, this is his last week at his nursery and a chapter in Imaan's life ends this Friday. We are looking forward to the next chapter with gusto.
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