Saturday, 11 September 2010

In response to Mike Stanton

I was surprised when I saw some traffic coming from the Action For Autism blog. In his post "Four years later on biomedical interventions" Mike Stanton mentions my blog and a comment I had posted in response to an earlier post of his on biomedical intervention. In that comment I had mentioned visible improvements after starting biomedical intervention in a small way.

Mike asks why I am giving "all the credit to a handful of vitamins?"

I left a comment on the post a few days back and I was so surprised when I noticed that my comment had been REMOVED when I checked again after 10 minutes.

Anyway, in my comment I had pointed out that I did not give all the credit to a handful of vitamins. Besides vitamin supplements, my son also takes probiotics, Omega 3 and follows a GFCF diet. Most of the food he consumes is also organic (at least when he is not at the nursery).

We are also doing the Scotson Technique. However, we have seen the major improvements after we started the Son-Rise programme. Mike pointed out that the improvements in my son may be due to the fact that he used to go to an enhanced resource nursery (ERN) based on my previous comment. However, what he doesn't seem to know is that Imaan made amazing developments after he stopped going to the ERN. We have some theories why Imaan was quite a different child at home as opposed to his nursery. For example, he would not say a single word in the ERN but had a vocabulary of around 30 words at home. In the Son-Rise development chart, his key worker in the ERN put Imaan at stage 1 on all of the 4 fundamentals skills . Whereas at home, we noticed that he was at stage 2 on most of  the fundamentals. Sarah who has worked with hundreds of children of different diagnoses, on the other hand said that Imaan is in stage 3 in some of the fundamentals.

In my comment I had also pointed out that most of the evidence of Son-Rise is indeed anecdotal but the reason that the lack of empirical evidence my be due to the fact that the Son-rise programmes (as well as biomedical) are run by parents of children with autism and not professionals.

There is definitely a need for more research but does that mean that the evidence (which may only be anecdotal) from parents all around the World should be ignored. We are in contact with so many parents of children with autism and I do not think that so many can be wrong.

Another reason for the lack of "science based" research is that lack of funding. Funding organisations are reluctant to fund research into alternative therapies and often researchers who have successfully carried out research, can find it hard to publish in journals who are edited by people who are simply not receptive to the idea of alternative therapies. However, as we have seen from history, what is alternative now may become mainstream in the future. Helena, one of our volunteers has recently completed her MSc research on Son-Rise and I do hope that she can get her findings published in a credible journal.

Mike, I have no idea why my comment was deleted but this does bring the credibility of your blog into question. Are you only publishing the comments that agree with you?

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