Thursday, 30 September 2010

Genetic Link to ADHD

Updated 30 Sept 2010 8:50am

A recent article published in the Lancet shows that there is a genetic link to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

This is the first study to show a direct genetic link with ADHD. The study was carried out by scientists from Cardiff University said the disorder was a brain problem like autism and not due to bad parenting.

However, when we hear the term "genetics", it somehow sounds like the autistic kids got it from their parents. In Coventry alone, around 100 kids starting school this year have been diagnosed with autism. That does not mean that their parents were autistic as well.

The researcher found that 15% of the ADHD group had large and rare variations in their DNA - compared with 7% in the control group. Professor Anita Thapar said they have "looked at lots of potential risk factors in the environment - such as parenting or what happens before birth - but there isn't the evidence to say they're linked to ADHD."

However, the increasing number of children diagnosed with autism (though there are some people in denial) does signal that there is something in the environment causing this.

Is it due to the vaccines, electromagnetic radiation, genetically modified food or chemical pollutants in the food chain?

Read the full BBC report: "ADHD 'has a genetic link"
& in Channel 4: "ADHD linked to faulty genetics"


  1. i have yet so much to explore on autism. as for now, i do believe it is definately not because of bad parenting. if so, how come there are so many children with similar traits yet living all over the world with different background and surroundings.

    thks for sharing ika!

  2. Hi Edi,

    Did you receive my email?



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