Sunday, 29 August 2010

The words come tumbling out

It's amazing how many words Imaan has picked up in the past few weeks and the wonderful part is that he been using these words meaningfully and not just randomly.

Just a few days back we were listening to some songs on my mobile via Last FM and he was actually trying his best to repeat the chorus of a song (I can't remember which) and very pleased with his effort. We both laughed a lot.

Last week, we invited Sarah to our house again. We discussed some issues and also set out some goals. In the playroom this time, Sarah built on Imaan's liking for bubbles by adding the words "small" and "big". So if he wanted small bubbles, he would have to say "I want small bubbles" or "give me small bubbles".

She then played with him using a small cart and got him to say "fast ride" or "slow ride" if he wanted to be pushed fast or slow respectively. After Sarah left, we have been playing the same game with him and trying to get him to say the same. He's nearly there.


  1. Loved how he said dana dana dana dana hehehehe...

  2. Yes diana. He is really funny. And he absolutely love all the cheering and attention when he say something.


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