Friday, 20 August 2010

Imaan Goals, by Sarah Dargue, August 2010

Inspire Imaan to look at you for longer

  • Celebrate Imaan in a variety of ways
  • Experiment positioning at different distances in the room and using the mirror
  • If Imaan is motivated and connected but not looking ask him to look at you
  • If Imaan is saying a clear single word then encourage him to say a 2-3 word sentences (e.g. “give me”, “tickle me”)
  • Celebrate Imaan sincerely
  • User friendly and responsive to what he is saying
  • Clearly model a sentence
  • When Imaan is connected and motivated ask him to say the full sentence
  • Experiment with using rhythm in the sentence

Motivate Imaan to lengthen his interactive attention span

  • Celebrate Imaan for watching / participating in the game
  • Use anticipation and 3Es in your game
  • Just do it – introduce a game
  • While Imaan is motivated in the game, stick to the same game (adding variations)
Helping Imaan to use communication over whining
  • Be comfortable with whining and tantruming
  • Be slow and boring
  • Be fast and exciting when he speaks, looks, plays etc

Imaan's motivations:

• Bubbles
• Jumping
• Blanket
• Tickles
• Play-dough
• Bob the builder
• Postman Pat
• Songs: “Incy wincy spider”, “ring2 roses”, “twinkle2 little star”, “Wheel in the bus”
• Buttons/ Switches
• Throwing
• Squeezes
• Taking things apart
• Family
• Transports

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