Friday, 30 July 2010

Sarah's Outreach Visit

Yesterday we had a visit from Sarah Dargue, founder and director of Autism at Home. She was certified as Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator in 2006 before she set up her own Home-Based Programme service.

My wife found out about her from another parent and the wonderful work she is doing with their son Henry. It was wonderful to have Julie, my son's key worker at the nursery as well. All of us took turns playing with Imaan in the playroom and received feedback and some suggestions from Sarah afterwards. For example, I found out that it might be a good idea to give my son some room - I was almost in his face, trying to get eye contact. His Isms (or stims) are quite short and it is quite difficult to notice them sometimes.

My wife on the other hand, was challenging him too much and needed to celebrate more.

It was amazing that Sarah was able to get my son go from "bubbles" to a 3 word sentence "I want bubbles" in a couple of minutes. According to Sarah, Imaan is really compliant and a fast learner. She added that at the rate he is going and if we keep up with the home programme, "..he's going to fly soon".

It was an amazing session and we look forward to seeing Sarah again.

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