Thursday, 24 June 2010

Statement of special needs

We finally received our son's Statement of special needs yesterday. I am quite impressed as it was really punctual - no delays what so ever. Our disappointment was that the provisions were so general. Discussions with other parents who have got a statement for their child indicate that we need to fight for specific and clearly stated requirements that must be provided by the school. The only problem is that we have only 15 14 days left to agree or amend the draft they sent us.

They also recommended that we send our son to a special school as they feel that he won't be able to fit into a mainstream school - they specified Three Spires School here in Coventry. We had wanted to send him to Aldermoor farm - a mainstream school with a special unit attached to it. We have already got a place in the mainstream school but we are not sure whether there are any more spaces left at the unit.

We are now totally confused.

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