Monday, 21 June 2010

The Scotson Technique

We started the Scotson Technique (TST) on Imaan in October 2009. The technique was developed by Linda Scotson and involves various gentle massage techniques to strengthen the diaphragm followed by other body parts.
 Linda Scotson

Practising on our daughter

Linda developed this alternative treatment approach after noticing that a majority of children with neurological damage had breathing difficulties. She founded the charity Advance and subsequently the Scotson Technique.

Linda has a son Doran, with cerebral palsy and was told that he was incurably brain injured and would never walk. Well, Doran Scotson who's now 31 just completed the Seaford Half Marathon in under 3 hours.

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We have been documenting the changes using photographs and have noticed small but significant changes to the shape of Imaan’s chest. Previously, he used to sit with a slouch but now sits up straight. His breathing is much more regular and though he still snores, it is not as bad as it was a couple of months ago.

The small play area
The Hyperbaric chamber

We are now looking forward to going back to East Grinstead, West Sussex for the second phase of the Scotson Technique training course next month.

Read the Synopsis of Bradford University study on The Scotson Technique


  1. How much does the treatment cost? I'm thinking of doing it for my son and the only info I found is about the deposit and initial session.

  2. How much does the treatment cost- the only info I could find on the vebsite is about the initial session and deposit. I wat to do the Scotson with my 5 year old son

  3. Hi Katarzyna, The first session cost us £500. We also had to buy some soft towels of different sizes. The second seesion will cost us another £500.


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