Monday, 14 June 2010

Re-energised and motivated

We are finally back in Coventry after a week in London attending the "The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers" programme.

The second day was about the Option Process Dialogue and we were asked what we felt - my wife went along with worry and I went with frustration. I was in the group of "frustrated" and "angry" parents and William asked me why I was frustrated. To cut a long story short, while sharing how I felt, I kind of broke down. I don't know about you but this was the first time I cried in public and that too front of nearly 100 people. I guess I made a lot of other guys cry as well. It was kind of embarrassing but I actually felt much better after that - much lighter.

Anyway, both of us are feeling re-energised and refreshed. Our son seems to sense it too and we have had amazing eye contact and interaction. He is picking up a lot of new words as well and today I was really surprised because he seems to have overcome his fear of the vacuum cleaner. Usually he would run away when I start hoovering but today he was following me around. Later in the afternoon I actually had to shoo him away while I was mowing the lawn. Our lawn mower is not one of those new quiet models but an old noisy machine that keeps getting stuck. My son usually can't stand loud noises and here he was following me around and for us, this was a landmark in his development.

We have decided to move forward and start doing the Son-rise programme part-time with a play room. We have yet to decide whether to convert the bed room or the living room into the playroom but will definitely have the room ready by the end of this month.

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