Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Preparing the Son-rise play room

To create a dedicated play room was one of the decisions we made at "The Son-Rise Program New Frontiers" programme.

With our changed attitude we went ahead and converted our little used living room to the play room and the dining room to a living -cum dining area. And we managed all of that in just one day thanks to my sis-in-law Eju and her amazing husband - who's a terrific interior decorator. We had bought all the stuff ready on Saturday and they came over last Sunday. We worked from morning till evening and we finally have a play room.





The mirrors and shelves are from Ikea Coventry and the zero VOC white paint from Tesco Arena. I had to get some more paint from B&Q as we ran out of paint half way


Still some more work to do including installing a mirror, CCTV and soft flooring over the hideous red carpet.


The Social Gym

Son-rise programme (SRP) or Autism Treatment Centre of America (ATCA):

"(1) sees autism as a disorder of social relatedness, and (2) believes the brain, given proper motivation and practice, can rewire itself to compensate for innate social deficits. ATCA believes the non distracting Son Rise playroom is like an oven in which you "cook" your child, and by cooking they mean the deliberate, persistent activation and branching of your child's weakened neural networks through an enthusiastic form of play.

They offer no magic potions, no shortcuts, and no miracle cures. The SRP is a long road taken step by step with incremental gains over time using fairly intense but happy methods. In most cases, they say, the kid is "cooked" in about two years, resulting in solid progress, and in many cases recovery. Because ATCA believes that other skills will naturally flow from improved socialization, the emphasis is on social connectedness, not on academic learning."

(Excerpt from: http://autismtomorrows.blogspot.com/2008/12/son-rise-program-at-autism-treatment.html)

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